You wrapped your arms around me,

two more days before my birthday.

Afraid the happiness won’t last,

 so you locked it with a passionate kiss.

– by Grace Lin



Now I see you,

No, I don’t.

A world full of magicians

with big hands and faces.

Something is magical

It makes me happy and

makes me smile.

Now I see you,

Now I don’t!

–  by Grace Lin

The Little Snail


Rain, it comes

Out we go

The moist, soft blanket we use to love 

Now overwhelmed with tears 

we cry out

In, we stay, knowing the end will be embraced

Or out we go, search for freedom

and patiently wait in the rainy night

Bravery will lead to the light

and bring us back the warm, lovely sky.

– by Grace Lin

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